Take advantage of our online application and secure your property in our HazanaCity, Ibadan and
HazanaEstates, Osogbo today!

Application for your property of choice:

Step 1:  Complete your application with choice property and location
Step 2: Confirmation of application and payment method.
Step 3: Approval of application and notice advice for payment
Step 4: issuance of receipt and Offer Letter.
Step 5: Selection of preferred plot(s) in choice location.
Step 6;  Confirmation of reserved plot(s).
Step 7:  Payment of bill (where necessary) within 30 days of the bill date. Property is reserved for 30days only.
Step 8:  Issuance of Letter of Allocation;
Step 9:  Issuance of C of O within 14 days of allocation letter.

Property Locations:

HazanaCity, Oyo-Ibadan Expressway, Beside Koladaisi University, Ibadan

HazanaEstates, Oranmiyan New Town Scheme, beside Government House, Osogbo

[ FAQ`s ]

We Have Your Questions Answered

What is the name of the estate?

With other pre-defined estates within the HazanaCity;

  • HazanaEstates – Sites & Services
  • HazanaVille – High-Net worth-Individual lifestyle
  • Hazana Tech-Hub & Tech Market – Employment & Innovation.
  • HazanaDiamonds – Retirement Community
  • HazanaHomes – Catering for the Aged

HazanaParks – Final resting place

What is the meaning of the word ‘Hazana’?

Hazana is derived from the Spanish word hazaña meaning feat, deed, achievement, exploit.

Who is the developer of HazanaCity?

HazanaCity Ibadan is being developed and managed by SmartCity Plc in partnership with the Oyo State Government.

HazanaCity Osogbo is also being developed and managed by SmartCity PLC.

Who is SmartCity PLC?

SmartCity Plc is an investment and Infrastructure development company keen on creating modern land and infrastructural projects enhanced with smart-technology solutions that allow people to work, live and play within an environment permeated with comfortable and pleasurable living productively.

To ensure this objective are realistic, the corporate ventured into providing affordable living and now, it's providing smart estates where luxury and pleasurable comfort exists.

Where is HazanaCity located?
  1. In Ibadan, it is located along Oyo-Ibadan Expressway, beside Koladaisi University and Federal Housing Estate (FHA)

In Osogbo, it is behind the Government Secretariat, Abeere, right in the Oranmiyan New Town Scheme.

What type of property is available in HazanaCity? (Ibadan & Osogbo)
  1. In Ibadan, we have a 600sqm per plot sites and services currently selling and plots being taken. We also some already finished buildings of 2 bedroom semidetached, 2 bedroom detached, 3 bedroom detached.

In Osogbo, we 600 sqm per plot sites and services currently selling.

What document will I get after full payment is completed?
  • Receipt
  • Contract of sale
  • Acknowledgement letter
  • Survey document
  • Deed of Assignment

C of O (Ibadan only)

Will there be Service charges?

Yes. Annual service charge. This is made by the subscribers to the estate at the beginning of the year to finance the general maintenance of the estate.

What are the infrastructures, features to be put in place?
  • Smart Home Technology
  • 24/7 Power (common area)
  • Good location
  • Good Water system
  • Extensive security
  • Renewable energy
  • Good road network
  • Parking space
  • Tech-startup incubation
  • CCTV coverage
What type of title exists on the land?

C of O (Ibadan)

Deed of Assignment (Osogbo)

Need to make further enquiries or clarifications?

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