Gavin Young

Gavin Young

Director, SmartCity PLC

Gavin is a seasoned Fintech professional with a proven track record in managing companies, subsidiaries of listed companies and geographical areas (Africa) with a specific focus on all areas of Electronic Banking and Fintech; Issuing, acquiring, switching etc. Primary areas of specialization include; payments switching and processing, developing and managing payment card schemes, terminal and other electronic infrastructure management, transaction processing, transaction acquiring systems, and mobile payments.

His career has entailed; 20 years at First National Bank of South Africa where he implemented most electronic banking and card systems and infrastructure; 7 years at Visa as Country Manager, sub-Saharan Africa (South Africa, UK and Nigeria) where, after developing the Visa CEMEA strategy for Nigeria, volunteered to reside in Nigeria in order to work with all payment entities to implement Visa cards and payments across all banks in Nigeria. He also grew the number of Visa issuing banks in sub-Saharan Africa, from 22 to over 120 in 4 years.

In 2007 he joined UBA as Senior General Manager Cards and issued over 5 million Visa payment cards in under 12 months. Since 2009, he has worked (on a full-time and part-time basis) with the Chams PLC Group of companies as MD of ChamsSwitch and Deputy MD of Chams Mobile, amongst other roles.

Gavin is the current Group Managing Director of Chams Plc. Chams PLC has a strong brand and extensive history, having delivered integrated identity management and intelligent business solutions for over 30 years. Today, Chams continues to deliver innovative solutions which enriches and improves lives.