Osun State FA Announce Smartcity PLC As Headline Sponsor For State League.

The league shall be known as SmartCity Osun State Football League.SmartCity Osun State Football League promises to deliver huge followership across the state and massive viewership across the planet via social media and web platforms. The FAs broadcast partner, Blackdrum TV will ensure live coverage of major matches both on the Web and cable television networks.The Osun FAs data Partner, Ixzdore will ensure that the League maintains players’, clubs’, and matches’ historical and live data.

From the data, we will generate statistics and analytics useful for player and club ratings that will help in player transfers and facilitate proper trickle-down of transfer payments.

The raw and analytical data will also be available for clubs, analysts, broadcasters, and betting companies. 32 grassroots football clubs have registered for the Under 17 League and have been divided into four conferences.

Two teams will emerge from each of the conferences and proceed to Super 8, where the eventual winners will emerge.

Over 700 young players will participate in the league, featuring 12 weekly matches across 15 football grounds approved for the league matches.

Sir Demola Aladekomo, chairman of SmartCity plc, said:

Sola Fanawopo, Chairman of Osun FA said: SmartCitys commitment to our league is evident, and securing such an iconic and forward-thinking lead partner for our League is great news for us, the fans, and for the whole state. The partnership will help us inspire interest in football from the private sector and allow us to continue our investment into the game at all levels.

The SmartCity Osun Football League will kick off on 13th February at the Osogbo Township Stadium.

SmartCity PLC, an investment and infrastructure development company and Osun Football Association today announced that the tech-focused company will become the Lead Partner of Osun States apex tournament.

32 grassroots football clubs have registered for the Under 17 League

Two teams will emerge from each of the conferences and proceed to Super 8

Over 700 young players will participate in the league

Blackdrum TV will ensure live coverage of major matches

SmartCity Osun State Football League promises to deliver huge followership across the state and massive viewership across the planet

Demola Aladekomo Calls Out for Smart Cities Development in Nigeria Amidst Rapid Urban Migration

Renowned entrepreneur and Founder of Chams Plc, Sir Demola Aladekomo, has underscored the imperative of developing Smart Cities in Nigeria, responding to the United Nations’ projection of approximately 275 million Nigerians migrating from rural to urban areas by 2050. Aladekomo’s call to action took place during the 8th edition of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (LCCI) 2022 Information Communication Technology and Telecommunication (ICTEL) Expo held recently in Lagos.

In his presentation on “Efficient Digital Infrastructures through Smart Cities,” Aladekomo reframed migration as a transformative process rather than a problem. He emphasized the importance of managing the migrating population effectively and understanding migration factors to harness its productive potential, mitigating negative societal impacts.

Citing UN estimates, Aladekomo highlighted that Nigeria’s population is projected to reach about 411 million by 2050 and 794 million by 2100, with rural-urban migration expected to hit 275 million in 2050. Drawing on former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s perspective on migration as an expression of human aspirations, Aladekomo emphasized the need to leverage migration for societal benefit.

Explaining the concept of Smart Cities, he described them as places that enhance the quality of life, offering entertainment, environmental sustainability, and improved security. Aladekomo proposed converting existing poorly structured cities into smart cities through polycentricity and agglomeration.

Polycentricity involves creating decentralized cities around existing urban centers, digitally managing them from inception, while agglomeration involves clustering them in specialized forms such as healthcare cities, technology cities, and agricultural cities. This approach aims to enhance productivity, commerce, cost optimization, job creation, and poverty alleviation.

Key components of Smart Cities, as outlined by Aladekomo, include Smart Governance, Smart Energy, Smart Citizen, Smart Healthcare, Smart Technology, Smart Mobility, Smart Building, and Smart Infrastructure.

Aladekomo suggested leapfrogging relevant technologies to address infrastructural deficits, emphasizing the government’s role in recognizing population growth as an opportunity. He called for accepting rural-urban migration as a reality, utilizing agglomeration and a polycentric governance approach, and leveraging technology for development and administration.

Highlighting SmartCity PLC’s ongoing projects in Ibadan and Osogbo through suburb polycentrism, Aladekomo concluded by urging private sector participation, good governance, adherence to the rule of law, building sustainable institutions, and acknowledging and replicating past successes.

The LCCI ICTEL Expo, where Aladekomo made these insightful remarks, serves as a vital platform for exploring opportunities in Nigeria’s Digital Economy, aligning with the government’s objectives to grow the digital economy and enhance e-governance.

Demola Advocates Collaborative Solutions for Identity Challenges in Nigeria’s Capital Market

In a compelling address during the 11th Annual Conference of the Institute of Capital Market Registrars (ICMR) in Lagos, Sir Demola Aladekomo, the Founder of Chams Plc and Executive Chairman of SmartCity Plc, called for a strategic alliance between capital market operators, the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS), and the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) to effectively address the prevailing identity challenges within the Nigerian capital market.

Under the theme “Sustainability of the Nigerian Stock Market as a Catalyst for Economic Growth and Prosperity,” Aladekomo highlighted the critical need to prioritize identity management in the sector, emphasizing that solutions like the Bank Verification Number (BVN) and the National Identification Number (NIN) have already laid a foundation for addressing identity-related issues.

Aladekomo, a key player in successful national identity projects, including BVN, Chamscity Guinness World Record, NCC SIM registration, and INEC’s Voters Registration, stressed the importance of restoring public confidence in the capital market. He proposed comprehensive implementation of BVN and NIN, increased awareness among stakeholders, attracting investments from pension funds and foreign entities, and the introduction of innovative products and services by the Nigerian Exchange Group (NGX).

To tackle identity concerns in the capital market, Aladekomo urged regulators to prioritize swift and firm action, enhance cooperation with stakeholders, and actively manage Nigeria’s image against fraud and scams. He emphasized the significance of instilling confidence through measures that not only safeguard investments but also contribute to the market’s sustained growth.

Aladekomo’s call for collaborative efforts and his insightful recommendations underscore the imperative for collective action to enhance the integrity and resilience of Nigeria’s capital market.

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