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Project Consultant, Research & Feasibility

Architect – Master Plan, Affordable Housing Scheme

Architect for Smartcity Village

Smartcity Partners

Architect – Smartcity Ajumose Eko ati Idaraya

Architect – Smartcity Ajumose Oja – Commercial

Quantity Surveyor

Smartcity Partners

Smartcity Partners

Smartcity Partners

Smartcity Partners

Banwo Global Concept Ltd

Banwo incorporate is a company passionate about producing great buildings and nice interiors spaces, combining beauty with practicality and a preference for simplicity. Designing and creating new buildings projects as well as working with existing buildings. They also are keen on developing low energy solutions for their projects and using environmentally friendly materials. They provide architectural/ engineering services including construction/ construction management across the full scope of each project which allows clients to choose the extent of our input to suit their specific needs. Also included in their services are Logistic Support for construction works by others and they are capable of providing haulage trucks, equipment and materials to assist construction projects that are being carried out by other companies.

Allview Designs Ltd

ALLVIEW DESIGNS is a civil engineering contractor and building company, established in Nigeria in May 2005 as an indigenous firm of construction professionals to undertake building design consultancy, landscape architecture, building construction and construction support. We are a prominent company in the Nigerian Construction Industry today. From its modest beginnings, ALLVIEW DESIGNS has grown rapidly in the short space of time from conception to becoming a fully fledge player in the developing construction industry in West Africa. ALLVIEW DESIGNS is a property development company which specialises in design and building projects by providing both commercial and residential accommodation according to the ever growing needs in Nigeria and Ghana. With its headquarters in Lagos, ALLVIEW DESIGNS undertakes projects all over Nigeria and Ghana.

Carterbridge 1901 Ltd

Carterbridge 1901 Int’l Ltd was founded in 2016. With interest spanning across varied sectors of the Nigerian economy. Starting its operations providing architectural services to interested clients, Carterbridge 1901 Int’l Ltd has evolved into providing project management, contracting and property development services for the residential and commercial real estate sector. In 2019 Carterbridge 1901 Int’l Ltd identified opportunities in the agricultural sector for land leasing, rice farming, haulage and transportation of agro-commodities across Nigeria. The company currently runs a rice farm in Kaduna state Nigeria and hauls agro-commodities such across Nigeria, to solve the demand on food security in Nigeria.

JohnPearl Consulting Ltd

JohnPearl Consulting (JPC) is proud to be an accounting agency that helps business clients make sound financial decisions on a daily basis. They are fully committed to helping clients succeed by performing the critical accounting functions that keep them financially solvent and compliant with financial regulations. JohnPearl Consulting (JPC) is a Consulting company proficient in providing excellent Accounting, Tax, Compliance and Outsourcing services, including: Bookeeping, Payroll, Staff Outsourcing, Tax Preparation, Regulatory Compliance. Financial Consulting Having financial experts, payroll specialists, accountants and recruiters, with over a decade of experience in the Financial Services Industry are highly skilled in providing top-notch accounting support to businesses.

Design Group Ltd

Design Group Nigeria was established in 1954 and incorporated as a company in 1959 with the principal activity of providing full architectural services for building projects of all kinds. With offices in Lagos, lbadan and Abuja, giving special attention to Clients to confidently anticipate a successful realization of their projects. They have extensive experience in preparing large-scale development plans for Hospitality, Housing Schemes, Offices, University and Colleges, Urban Redevelopments and large industrial projects.

EFA Quantities Ltd

EFA ASSOCIATES is a leading firm of Quantity Surveying and Project Management Consultants. Established in February 1992 with CAC registration no A31821 to provide professional services in Building/Civil Engineering Services and Project Management Services in the areas of Rehabilitation of dilapidated structures, start afresh structures, evaluation and auditing of already completed projects, review and monitoring of project preparation, procurement and implementation. EFA ASSOCIATES is an international professional services provider that supports government and private organizations, including individual and business clients that invest in, own and operate assets. Operating from Nigeria with partners and subsidiaries in United Kingdom, carry out projects across the infrastructure, natural resources and property sectors worldwide

Morgan Omonitan & Abe Ltd

Morgan Omonitan & Abe Ltd – MO&A, is an engineering & development consulting firm in Nigeria, with recent expansion to Ghana in West Africa. Founded in 1972, MO&A has over 40 years of experience and expertise in providing integrated engineering & development consulting services such as civil & structural engineering, project management and independent expert services to the private & public sectors. MO&A has built a legacy of several successfully executed projects and partnerships with clients and stakeholders. MO&A continues to evolve and expand to accomplish ground breaking projects and developments in Nigeria and within the region.

M & E Molecular Consultants

M&E Palace are a company with a standard in project delivery and execution. Loyal and dedicated with highly professional and skilled staff. They have over the years satisfied clients and solidified relationships through various projects. They specialize in consultation, design of mechanical and electrical building services, supervision of mechanical and electrical services in buildings, project management, contracting, installation work of mechanical and plumbing services, electrical services, fabrication and installation of water treatment plans and tanks and sinking of boreholes.

Encon International Ltd

Energy Control and Engineering Ltd. (ENCON) brings together professionals possessing unparalleled product and solution knowledge, field service expertise, project management, repair, retrofit and service capabilities, superior responsiveness – all attributes that reflect an enthusiasm and passion for what they do. With customer focused approach, they engineer and develop customer specific reliable solutions for their power infrastructure needs of any dimension or complexity in perspective of Life Cycle Cost that clients can play in an increasingly competitive market environment.

Savvi Law Firm

S AVVILAW FIRM was registered under the Nigerian Companies & Allied Matters Act, 1990, on November 6th 2004 and is a Commercial Law firm formed on a general partnership basis, as the firm is built around the expertise of eminent Partners/Consultants whose areas of core competences span diverse areas of Banking & Commercial law, Secured Credit Transactions/Law of Securities, Infrastructure & Public Private Partnership Law, Corporate and Investment Law, International Mobile Assets Securitization, International Trade & Foreign Investment Consulting, Corporate Finance, Corporate Restructuring, Financial Advisory, Primary Equity markets in Nigeria & Africa, to mention a few. The firm draws its distinguishing strength from the wealth of its Consultancy network as well as a rich project/transaction experience which spans Nigeria and at least fourteen countries in West, East, Central and Southern Africa with alliance Consultants bringing experience from such diverse areas as Management & Business consulting, banking and finance, Legal Consulting, International Trade & Foreign Investment Consulting, International Multilateral finance organizations, government, Teaching & Private Consulting and Management Services

Peter Maritime Consulting Services

PMCS has extensive experience in the maritime industries. With a highly customized team that bring each client a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives from other industries on the challenge at stake, to offer clients fresh perspectives and breakthrough business insights. With a Mission is to provide exceptional and Professional Consultancy Services based on their diverse experiences in Management, Maritime, Banking and Finance to our clients in order to meet their optimum goals. Services include MaritimeConsulting Management Services, Funding of Maritime Business, Advocacy and professional related project, Ship Management, Sourcing for Buyer and Seller of Ship, Dockyard Services, Maritime Consult

Tehilah Base Digital

Tehilah Base Digital is a fully licensed nation-wide ISP able to Provide Internet Services in any state in Nigeria by The Nigeria Communication Commission ‘NCC’ also holding a Mobile 4G LTE mobile access. Tehilah is mainly an Internet, Networking, Software and Hardware solution outfit, with operations covering provisioning of Internet services via; 4G LTE, Wireless, Hotspots, Microwave, Fiber optic solutions and Vsat Access. They have designed and developed their own alternative, highly effective but affordable solutions to enterprise technologies such as: Video Conferencing, BGP, MPLS, VPN, site-to-site, COLLOCATIONS, NATIONAL WAN distribution methodologies, etc and are also a certified consultant for an international brand in Africa.

Tall & Wide

They are a Marketing Communications and Brand Management Practitioners based in Lagos, Nigeria serving multi clients across diverse industries and the public sector. Their team of specialists consistently deliver outstanding results combining creative ideas with our vast experience. Building a sustainable, meaningful relationship with clients by engaging them with their brands using social media. The Tall & Wide Company Limited is set up to be a core part of the value chain of brands and mother brands, specifically for those who appreciate the key role of marketing communications in the life of their businesses. They are also structured to provide broadcast programming content and the marketing and sales of broadcast air time. They work in areas as diverse as search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing and digital marketing.

SolarMates Engineering

Solarmate Engineering Limited is an engineering firm established in January 1996 as a renewable energy solutions provider and has been managed by professionals who share over 80 year’s collective experience in power engineering and energy system industry. Solarmate is committed to the use of global best practices in the delivery of its projects and services. They are Authorised Service Centre for Outback, Magnum, Schneider and Victron Inverters and other products. Solarmate’s total installed capacity over the years is over 2.9MWp of solar panels, 5MW of inverter and over 18MWh of batteries. They are entirely Nigerian with technical assistance (when necessary) from various international companies.


SmartSpace Partners

989 Workspaces

At 989 Workspaces, are dedicated to getting a business off the ground. With a mission to create affordable shared spaces in a quiet and collaborative environment. Their slogan is “Find your Focus” derived with the understanding of how noisy most shared spaces can be. 989 Workspaces bring together people who live and breathe the Focus mindset. Their services include Coworking, Network Events, Private Offices and Communal Spaces


SmartParcels Partners

ChamsAccess Limited

ChamsAccess is a Leading Access and Technology Solutions Company focused on providing Customized Solutions that create instant value for our customers. Established in 2009, as a subsidiary of Nigeria’s indigenous Identity management and transactional service provider – Chams Plc, ChamsAccess is committed to providing simplified technology solutions to enhance peoples’ lives. With roots in Nigeria, and sights on spreading beyond Nigerian shores while maintaining a position as Africa’s first choice in Technology Services. ChamsAccess in collaboration with world-class IT firms deploys integrated solutions designed to achieve enterprise needs. Also as a Fintech, they avail the banks with the necessary technology leverage to meet their customers’ demands.