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HazanaCity, Ibadan

 HazanaCity comprises of several segments, each serving a different purpose; conceived as a major public/ private sector, it is a collaboration geared towards providing decent living, innovative work spaces and facilities, entertainment facilities combined with leisure areas, all embedded in a single place for the Pace State. These are inclusive but not limited to:

    • HazanaCity Affordable Housing Scheme
    • HazanaCity Market
    • HazanaCity Recreation
    • HazanaCity Shopping Center
    • HazanaCity SilverVille
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HazanaCity Situated?

HazanaCity is situated in Ibadan, the largest city in West Africa and the capital of the Old Western Region. HazanaCity shares a common boundary with Kola Daisi University located along the Ibadan-Oyo Expressway.

It is averagely 30 minutes drives time from Major Landmarks in Ibadan, i.e The University of Ibadan, Ajayi Crowther University and the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and the Ibadan Airport. The new Ultra-Modern Railway Line (Molarere Speed Rail Terminus, Moniya) is even a shorter distance away and this makes HazanaCity Effectively one hour from the hustle and bustle of Lagos.

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HazanaCity Master Plan

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HazanaCity Entry And Residence

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Interiors And Additional Quarters

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Exteriors And Walkways

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Church And Mosque

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Medical, Schools & Sports Facilities

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Area For Residents And Visitors

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Internal Residence And Tech Overview

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